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Learn To Play Bass From Jon Liebman

One of the most highly regarded bass instructors in the world. Now offering online lessons for both electric and acoustic bass!

Learn how to groove and solo along with the band in practically every style of music!


This newest category — just added! — is designed to build your bass technique and dramatically improve your overall command of the instrument. Grooves include funky R&B, soul, blues shuffle and more, with loads of “strategically inserted” scale passages, arpeggios, triplets, position shifts, etc. This category will definitely take your playing to the next level!


If you’re new to the bass, let’s start at the beginning. In this category, you’ll begin grooving right away, playing easy blues progressions, octave patterns, a simple introduction to minor pentatonic scales, 1-5 patterns and more.



You’ve always wanted to learn to read music.  You’ve always said that “someday” you were going to do it. Well, here’s where you start.  I’ll have you begin with the very basics, learning how to translate the dots on the page to the notes on the bass, gradually, once section at at time. You’ll be amazed how well you find yourself actually reading music!



If you’re new to the bass (or even if you aren’t!), the “Easy” category will have you playing simple blues patterns, rock grooves and more, all certain to build your confidence as a bass player. These selections are easy to play, while musically enjoyable. Perfect for beginners, as well as an excellent review for more advanced players!



In the “Bassics” (BSX) category, you’ll be playing several rock, metal, blues, and Latin grooves, all the while improving your chromatic runs, major and minor scales and arpeggios, pentatonics, and string crossings. This category directly addresses some of the fundamental bass techniques you need to be able to play, all in a musically-oriented fashion.



You will dramatically improve your chops and overall command of the bass by practicing the selections in this category! We’ll also talk about the meaning behind the notes as we get into some basic music theory and discuss why certain notes are “more right” than others!

Jazz & Blues


The Jazz & Blues (JZB) category has lots of shuffles, swing, triplets, walking bass lines and “kicks,” in both major and minor keys. While each selection sounds great on the electric bass, some examples are ideally suited to the upright, as well. As in all categories throughout the Groove Library, when you jam along with the band, you’re free to practice either the groove or the solo – or both!

Rock & Metal


The Rock & Metal (R&M) category covers a wide range of the rock repertoire, from the easy beats and doo-wop lines of rock’s early days to driving 8th-note rhythms and hard-core heavy metal grooves. This category will strengthen your major and minor scale patterns, arpeggios and string crossings and illustrate a few “tricks” for moving in and out of different musical ranges on the fingerboard. As with all selections throughout the Groove Library, when playing along with the band, you can practice either the groove or the solo. You’ll learn to inject the appropriate personality for each rock style, too!



The Funk/R&B (FRB) category covers some pretty nasty finger-style funk grooves and solos. Sometimes you’ll bring out the funk by inserting lots of space between notes, while other times Jon will keep your fingers plenty busy with some intricate 16th-note runs and patterns. The FRB category will help bolster your scale patterns, arpeggios, pentatonics, hammer-ons and other techniques. Have fun playing these grooves with me and then grooving – and soloing – along with the band!



After selling so many of copies of my Funk Bass book, I decided to add a funk/slapping category to my online series. If you’re new to slapping, you’ll want to begin with the first half of each selection, concentrating on proper technique and making the music groove. When you’re ready to move on, you’ll find the second half of each groove more challenging. Since the backing tracks are identical for the first and second parts, you’re free to play whichever part you like! Note: The music notation legend can be found at the end of SLP-01.



The Latin category will solidify your bossa nova, samba, Latin jazz grooves and more! Not only will you be laying down the foundation for the band, you’ll have some fun Latin bass solos to play, too! The Latin percussion and guitar tracks make these selections truly authentic – and fun!



In the “Soloing” category, we’ll cover melody, harmony and more, with lots of tips and advice for those special moments when it’s your turn so step into the spotlight!



In this category, we’ll take the mystery out of constructing good, solid bass lines over a variety of chord progressions. When you come down to it, that’s mostly what playing the bass is all about!


This site isn’t just for electric bass players! In the “Upright Bass” category, you’ll get a step-by-step tutorial, moving up the fretboard of the bass, one position at a time. As in all of the categories on this site, the lessons are designed for bass players of all levels!

Jon Liebman’s online series will help you learn to play bass through lessons that combine the nuts and bolts of technical bass mastery with artistic grooving and soloing. Learn to play today!