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Jon Liebman is one of the most highly regarded bass instructors in the world, now offering lessons for both electric and acoustic bass! Here’s what some of Jon’s students are saying:

“It may blow your mind! The play-along tuition is fun, stretching and addictive. Stick with it and your bass playing will go hypersonic!”
– Angela S., England

“This is the one! Whether it’s free-form jazz or those gotta-know lines, the bass has gotta groove and make the music feel good. If that’s what you aspire to, this is the site for you.”
– Steve P., Arkansas

“I have been a fan and online student of Mr. Liebman for some time now, having purchased several of his bass books, as well as his simply phenomenal online courses. If one follows and takes the time to master Mr. Liebman’s instruction with his amazing online course, the sky will be the limit on your talent, hands down.”
David J., New Jersey

“In the sea of online bass lessons, Jon’s website stands out as one of the best. Jon’s open accessibility makes one feel like a private student. These lessons are great for practice, and while they require work and effort, they also are fun.”
– Bob C., Canada

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When you subscribe to Jon’s online series, you’ll be learning from one of the most highly regarded bass instructors in the world!

Jon’s video series combines the nuts and bolts of technical bass mastery with artistic grooving and soloing in a manner you’re sure to find musically satisfying and rewarding. Watch this Free Intro Video!


You’ll get unlimited access to Jon’s entire video library, including access to new videos as they’re released!

Not only will you see the music on your screen, but you can also download a PDF of the music notation from each video, including tablature (TAB), as well as meticulously labeled fingerings.

The techniques within the grooves include chromatic studies, scales & arpeggios, funk patterns, walking bass lines and more.

In every video, you’ll see a full shot of Jon playing each selection, as well as close-ups of Jon’s hands so you can zero in on precisely where you need to put your fingers – and thumbs!

After demonstrating each selection at full tempo, Jon slows it down so you can see exactly how each piece is supposed to be played. Learn to play today!