Learn To Play Bass

Online Lessons From Jon Liebman

Learn from one of the most highly regarded bass instructors in the world.

Jon Liebman makes it easy and enjoyable to learn to play bass. After selling upwards of 100,000 copies of his critically acclaimed bass instruction books, Jon has launched an online series to help you learn to play.

In his online bass lessons, Jon covers everything from the basic fundamentals to advanced playing in an instructional method that is easy to follow. He demonstrates all the necessary techniques while providing a preview of the skills you will learn along the way!

Jon is especially creative in his approach to helping you learn bass technique. In his lessons, he inserts scale runs, arpeggios, string crossings and the like into beautifully constructed musical pieces that are actually enjoyable to play!

Complete with music notation, tablature, regular tempo and slow motion sections, Jon’s videos will profoundly benefit you as a bassist. What’s more, the advanced camera angles and close up shots make it easy to see and replicate what he is playing.

Jon’s lessons are divided into categories, such as Easy, “Bassics,” Scales & Theory, Soloing, Sight Reading, Building Bass Lines, and more. You’ll also find groove-oriented categories like Jazz & Blues, Rock & Metal, Funk/R&B, Slapping and Latin. Every time a new lesson is added to the groove library, all subscribers are notified to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything.

Jon is meticulous about not repeating anything from his eight best-selling bass books in his videos. In fact, throughout his online lessons, Jon recommends which of his books would serve as the best supplement(s) to each video to help you learn.

Be sure to check out Jon’s free lessons, too. They’ll give you a good idea of what to expect in Jon’s steadily growing collection that will help you learn to play.

When you subscribe to Jon’s online series, you’ll be learning from one of the most highly regarded bass instructors in the world! You’ll get unlimited access to the entire video library, including access to new videos as they’re released. In every video, you’ll see a full shot of Jon playing each selection, as well as close-ups of Jon’s hands so you can zero in on precisely where you need to put your fingers – and thumbs! Lessons are available for all skill levels, so click the “JOIN NOW” button to get started with your subscription today!